Odd- Even scheme to be implemented from Nov 4 to 15 : Delhi CM Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thrusday briefed the media over Odd-even scheme which will be implemented from November 4 to 15 and delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made a big announcement on Odd-Even. The kejriwal government has decided to give relief to two-weelers from Odd-Even.

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With this, it has been decided not to apply the rule of Odd-Even on Sunday. Arvind Kejriwl told that this scheme will remain in force from 8 am to 8 pm except Sunday. Violation of the odd-even scheme will attract a fine of Rs 4,000.

CM said that vehicles coming from other states will also be included in this scheme. CM said that this scheme will be applicable only on non-transport 4 wheelers. At the same time, 2-wheelers have been exempted from this scheme. However, vehicles of CMs and Ministers of Delhi are not exempted under this scheme.

CM said that this scheme, the vehicles of the President, vice President, Prime Minister, Governors, CJI, Lok Sabha Speaker, Union Ministers Rajya Sabha and Leaders of Lok Sabha, Chief Ministers of States and Union Territories are exempted under this scheme.

Apart from this, Vehicles are exempted for Supreme Court Judge, UPSC President, Chief Election Commissioner, Election Commissioner, CAG, Deputy Chairman Rajya sabha, Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Judge of High Court, Lokayukta and Emergency Services.

Delhi Government make some changes in the odd-even that start this year. The last two times private CNG vehicles were exempted from this, but this time it will not happen. Howeve, two-wheelers will get exemption this time too. At the same time, women are also exempted from this.

Under the new Motor Vehicle Act, an invoice of Rs 4,000 will have to be given if the rules are broken   Read More..

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