Liberal Gang Vs G.D. Bakshi


Who is major general GD Bakshi

Major general Gangan Deep Bakshi SM, VSN brn in 1950 jabalpur a retired army officer. he is from the jammu kashmir rifles. he was awarded with vishist seva honour for commanding a battalion in the kargil war.Later he was awarded with seva honour for distinguished service in commanding a battalion throughout counter-terrorism drives. He after commanded the Romeo Force (Part of elite Rashtriya Rifles) throughout intensive counter-terrorism operations within the Rajouri- Poonch districts of Jammu and Kashmir and succeeded in suppressing terrorist activities within the area (These districts are in Pir Panjal range and a mixture of Hindu and Muslim populations. He has served 2 tenures at the director General of Military Operations and was the first BGS (IW) at headquarters Northern command (India) , wherever he dealt with warfare and Psychological Operations.

He is the younger brother of Captain Raman Bakshi, he was the martyr in 1965 India-Pakistan War at the young age of twenty three years. A year and a half when his elder brother was martyred, Major General Bakshi joined the National Defence Academy in June 1967. He joined military academy on November  14, 1971 and called into action in 1971 India-Pakistan war. In 1999, he came to Military Operations directorate  to plan Operation Vijay duringthe Kargil War

General Bakshi has been on the receiving end of hate from so-called liberals because of his nationalistic views. He had been very vocal about not sparing Pakistan, especially after the ghastly Pulwama terror attack. “Pakistan has started the war, we will end it,” he had said in many television debates.



Controversy Created by so Called Liberals and Pseudo-Secular

Indian domestic airline, Air Vistara, on April 19 posted a picture on their social media account stating Honored to have Major General G. D. Bakshi (Retd), a decorated Kargil war hero, on-board our flight today. Thank you Sir, for your service to the nation. 

When the above tweet of Air Vistara went viral, many so-called liberals tried to shame Air Vistara for welcoming Major General G D Bakshi onboard. Air Vistara has deleted the picture because ‘liberals’ shamed the airlines and threatened they’d shift their loyalties to a rival airline .

But after deleting the tweet Vistara faced significant backlash from common men ,politician and from the Bollywood star and many people asserted that they would never fly with an airline that cowed down to pressure tactics of few entitled Lutyens’ elites and dishonoured a war veteran in this manner.

 Then an appropriate response to “liberals” and deserved respect to the veteran, Air vistara sent two senior executives to Major General GD Bakshi‘s residence to apologise for deleting the tweet which welcomed him on board posted a new picture from their Twitter profile with Major General GD Bakshi.

And they tweeted

@GeneralBakshi, it was an honour meeting you at your home yesterday. Thank you for your gracious understanding, warmth, and hospitality. We look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you on board again soon!


Major General Bakshi wrote a Facebook  post He wrote that, It was very nice of Vistara airlines to send two senior Officials to my house to tender an apology over the Tweeting incident. It was a thoughtful gesture of Consideration for the feelings of an Old soldier. I was very happy to seeThat Indian airlines have started emulating their American Counterparts by Honouring Serving and Retired soldiers on Their aircraft. The americans go out of the way to welcome them and thank them for SERVING the country. This was catching on in India and has enraged some so called Leftist Liberals. They were ILLBERAL enough to put spiteful tweets against me which threatened to boycott Vistara. Vistara were frightened enough to take down their tweet about Welcoming me. I thought they should have stuck to their Guns in Honouring Military war veterans.In any case theycame now and said sorry and in the army way that ends the issue.A simple sorry ends the matter as far as Vistara is concerned.I do Hope they will continue to honour all military Personal who travel with them.

Im not sure about those Virulent haters of the Indian Armed forces, who try to Masquarade as the Voice of the nation. they are a little hopelessly out of Touch with The Public opinion and PULSE in this country.They need to look within and REFLECT. A quantitative analysis of tweets for and against Gen bakshi would be highly illuminating demcratic exercise and show just who is FOISTING his views on Whom.!

At the end

“we should respect our army personnel because they working for our family not for their family”

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